Today more than ever, we find validity in the words of Heraclitus: "the only permanent thing is change."

Today climate change is a reality ... It forces us to think about changing our habits, if we want to preserve and improve life and ecosystems.

Sometimes human beings refuse to change, we cling to the "current state" and it is difficult for us to accept that, if we do not change our paradigms, continuing to do the same will inevitably lead us to an outcome that we do not want.

One of the key aspects in climate change mitigation efforts is to replace the linear consumer economy, which generates huge amounts of waste, with circular systems that allow it to be recovered as useful resources.

The true circular economy starts from the design of the products, and considers the end of their useful life, as the beginning of a transformation cycle, closed, and harmless to the environment.

At FORTECH, we are aware of the need to contribute to a more sustainable world, through the development of technologies that allow us to evolve from a "collection" model, to transformation with value model.

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