Solutions in waste management

Over the years, we have researched and developed waste and by-product utilization processes that our society generates at all level, from residential to commercial and industrial.

We are pioneers in Circular Economy.

We believe in a resilient world, in which the products and materials we consume can follow a closed cycle: to be continuously and infinitely regenerated and always transformed into new resources that are harnessed at the end of their life cycle, without ever reaching a dump or filler. At FORTECH we want to make the concept of “garbage” or “waste” in the future just a reminder of a past that we do not want to repeat in the coming decades.

Through FORTECH CIRCULAR®, we make the recycling process traceable, and safe. This Cloud based tool allows all of our customers to request waste collections or eligible materials, receive notifications, and generate real-time statistics of the entire management process. All material movements, when required by our customers, are also registered in the Hazardous Waste Management System (SIGREP) of the Ministry of Environment and Energy, for purposes of legal compliance with Decree 27001-MINAE. In addition, FORTECH CIRCULAR® allows to generate Compliance Reports to comply with the provisions of Decrees 38272-S Special Management Waste and 35933-S Integral Management of Electronic Waste.

We treat solid and liquid waste, mainly:

– Solvent residues

– Dielectric oils and used lubricant

– Inks, acidic or basic aqueous residues.

– Laboratory reagents and out-of-spec products.

Hazardous Waste Management

– Transformers and their components

– Small and medium-sized electronic devices

– Rechargeable zinc-coal, alkaline, or Lithium batteries and batteries.

– Fluorescent and LED.

WEEE Management (Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment)

– Metal scrap

– Residues of non-ferrous metals, metal chips.

– Waste electrical cables.

– Waste from plastic, aerosol, metallic or glass containers impregnated with chemicals.

– Waste of absorbent material impregnated with special substances.

Management of Special Waste